BriteVox Whistleblowing Policy



BriteVox is committed to protecting its employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and members of the public at all times. BriteVox seeks to provide the highest standards of service and working practice, adhering to all legal and regulatory requirements, and encourages feedback on improvements that we may be able to make to those services and day-to-day practices.

There may, however, be times, when an individual becomes aware of an issue at BriteVox, which they wish to disclose in the public interest, but have concerns about confidentiality or sensitivity of the issue. Individuals have the legal right to report complaints about specific issues without fear that they will be treated unfairly or suffer repercussions.

This policy outlines BriteVox’s process for reporting concerns and what to expect.


What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the raising of a concern by a worker about wrongdoing, risk or malpractice, which affects others, with someone in authority, either internally at the company in question, or externally (e.g. regulators, the police or media).

Whistleblowing does not apply to concerns about how you exclusively are being treated (for example your rights under your working or trading contract).



Examples of concerns or complaints which fall under this policy are:

  1. A criminal offence, for example fraud, has been, is being, or is likely to be committed
  2. A concern about the health and safety of an individual
  3. A miscarriage of justice has occurred, is occurring or is likely to occur
  4. Dishonest work practices
  5. Breaches of regulations, for example the Data Protection Act, sector regulations such as the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Practice or Ofgem regulations or any other relevant regulation
  6. Concerns about discriminatory practices
  7. Environmental risk or damage
  8. Someone else covering up a wrongdoing



Please write to  to report your concern to a senior manager usually the Director of Operations. Please include relevant background to the issue, relevant dates and your reasons for your concerns.

BriteVox will take any reported concern seriously and will conduct an initial assessment to ascertain if further investigation is required. You will be advised within 10 working days if the investigation is to be progressed and BriteVox may contact you for further information to enable a full investigation.

BriteVox will report back to you on the outcome of the investigation once it has been completed.

BriteVox will deal with all concerns confidentially and sensitively. If requested, and where possible anonymity of the complainant can be provided, although this may mean that the complaint cannot be fully investigated.

For further information, please refer to Citizens Advice ( or Protect, the UK’s whistleblowing charity (